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Submitted on
November 29, 2011


16 (who?)

A belated feature: Friends and others

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 29, 2011, 7:06 PM

Bad Fairy by swyattart No Tears     Violation.
          Yet no tears.

Innocence stolen.
Never again –
     -A child
Yet no tears.
Eyes close in shame.
Head turns in disgrace.
Yet no tears.
Youth vanished.
Carefree days gone.
Where are the tears?
     None then;
     None now.
Tears of reparation.
Tears to move on.
Tears are needed.
Yet do not come.
Even in death,
You have robbed me
Of any peace.
Of true happiness.
Burn in hell.
No tears for you.
Lydia by ModNightcontrolling the human mind by icarosteel:thumb108889795:Voyager Pirate by arcane-eponymWe'll fly together by elithranielleLooking for you by Birthstone:thumb269219298:Yamuk_the_spring_beast by Remjie-MalhamSiesta - Rocky the Frog by demiveemon:thumb118321707:Fractal3 by JenniElfiNow in colour by Asynja:thumb191183411::thumb144166857:The Great Visionary by denismayerjrPiazza del Nettuno by GreeGWAmbush by RadoJavorpredator by Leebealotus river - reworked by GsawPhoenix Tattoo Design by PatrickBrownDragon Tear - 2002 by NightlyreT J tribal by Tap-Photo-and-CoMagic Stuff by DilirixIt's the truth. by InsanityEnsues999Respect by Tap-Photo-and-CoDragon Eye by MaRoC68Balance of life by m4gikPsittacidae by OwhlOwl by CamillaMalcusTorus by GreeGWlittle rascals alfalfa by ricardo-bruinsdanny kaye by ricardo-bruinsQuita by toniart57Without Time by DDzim:thumb198493231:Ablaze by moyan.When the Doves Cry by IsaiahStephens:thumb150536107:Magical rainbow stick by wezenbeesjeTouchdown in the Late Devonian by tiffanyturrillPlanet51 Turtle by javieralcaldeFreddie Mercury by Aurelie-Scour-ArtMr Lemmy Kilmister by firehazzard-designsJohn Lennon by JSaurer Mirror, mirrorMirror, mirror
On the wall
See me strutting
Down the hall
Mirror, mirror
On the wall
For my pride
Must I fall?
Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Is it tattle-taleing
If the tale is tall?
Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Is fairness worth
Anything at all?
The differenceThe poor...
Looking at your face,
her eyes, shredding your grace.
No silk and lace,
nor anything for a good base.
...the rich...
Watching her sit there,
your thoughts, judging her so unfair.
All your wealth and still nothing to share,
All your health and the less you care.
...the moment...
Views crossing eachother,
two in tears, the other couldn't bother.
One isn't a martyr,
but the other isn't a saviour either.
...the difference...
The cold reallistic poverty,
or a fake golden journey.
Being accused for anarchy,
or a checkbook armory.
...the ugly reality.
Iron Maiden - colors by Ferlancer A little note to myselfA little note to myself:
Be yourself, even though everyone wants you to change! Be yourself, even though you want to be someone else.
If you aren't yourself anymore, you're no one. Nobody can be another person, and the same goes for you.
Live like you would live, and not how someone else wants you to live.
Act like you would act, because nobody can know what you think.
Think like you would think, because no one else can understand you thoughts.
A little note to the rest of the world:
I am me. And no one can change that. I am me, and nobody will ever understand how I feel.
I am me, because if I was you, I wouldn't be here.
I am me, and I live like I would live. Even though I don't like everything in my life.
Do things you like, and take your time. The world can wait a little longer for your answer.
EDDIE VS INDY by stan-w-d:thumb271383943:Different Stars by CrescentDebris

  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: The moaning of a women-on-a-stick
  • Reading: Nothing to read, while copulating
  • Watching: A pair of humping juicy boobs
  • Playing: With a little button called
  • Eating: Just softly nibbling on a piece of womenhood
  • Drinking: Fluids of hot flaming passion
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